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Example of Scholarship Essay: Why I Deserve This Scholarship

The aim of the scholarship essay is to convince the granting committee that no one but you are the best candidate for the scholarship. You can search online and find the scholarship essay example about yourself, the example of a thesis statement for a scholarship essay, introduction to a scholarship essay, and the conclusion for scholarship essay example, the extracurricular activities scholarship essay example, the example of scholarship essay on “why I deserve this” topic, the leadership essay example for scholarship, and even the financial need essay example for scholarship. However, you cannot simply copy and paste the pre-written “why should I receive this scholarship?” essay example because the content will be irrelevant to your background. Moreover, the available texts could be of a substandard quality which means your paper will not meet the expectations of the committee. The best option is to use the “why I deserve this scholarship” essay example as a skeleton for your own writing and compose the paper from scratch.

How to Write Scholarship Essay about Yourself

How to write a scholarship essay about yourself?

Further, we will provide the example of a winning scholarship essay which you can use as a structural sample for your prompts. You should start your essay with the introductory paragraph that explains some important aspects, such as why are you applying for this scholarship. Essay example should contain a short introductory paragraph, where you should formulate your own thesis statement. The body of the scholarship essay should provide the explanations to the reasons why you want to study a particular program. For example, if you state that you need the scholarship to finance your research, you need to elaborate in a couple of paragraphs which type of research you perform, what is your goal, how this research may influence the science or society, what you have already accomplished and what you still intend to do. In other words, you need to show the value of your research and convince the jury that the scholarship will make a positive difference in your life. The last part of the essay should reaffirm the necessity of the scholarship and thank for the opportunity to apply for the financial assistance.

500 Word Essay Example for Scholarships

The 500 Word Essay Example for Scholarships

Dear Scholarship Committee,
I hope that in this scholarship letter I could express my genuine interest in the topic of derivatives in corporate finance sector, in both its theoretical and practical aspects. Obtaining the “Research Matters” scholarship will help me to shape my knowledge in finance and finish the research project that I initiated.

My interest in Finance arose when I began to study the Fundamentals of Economics at High School. I always took active part in financial and economics competitions and events at school and was among medalists. Later on, I decided to be educated in particular sphere, and I did my best to be admitted to the Bachelor in Finance Program at the University of Pennsylvania. I tried hard at school and graduated the program with honors. The next step of my educational path was application to Wharton Business School which is one of the best schools in Finance in the USA. Currently, I am the PhD student in finance. My research field is the derivatives in corporate finance. I consider that my research is significant and relevant to date, especially with the global financial crisis of 2008. Currently, I work on the research project that requires the additional financial assistance. My research is performed under the supervision of the US Federal Reserve System representatives who provide the significant data sources, give suggestions and comments. The primary goal of my research is to explain the correlation between the pool of derivatives and the risk of financial default. I feel that my work is a meaningful finding for the corporate finance and for the society as a whole. The “Research Matters” scholarship will help me to finish the research by providing valuable financial assistance for the ongoing project expenditures.

I do believe that a strong theoretical background is crucial though not sufficient: this is why I try to be enthusiastic in practical attempts. To this effort, I take the internship at one of the biggest financial corporations, Fannie Mae. The internship in industry gives me the possibility to look at the practical side of the theoretical concepts application. I have a chance to evaluate the situation at the derivative market from inside, as well as assess how this situation is related to the financial sector statements. Moreover, I am able to share my research results with the colleagues, and emphasize the practical nature of my research.

I am interested in obtaining “Research Matters” scholarship and I am confident that my main objectives go close together with the objectives of particular program, that is promoting scientific reserch and implementation of the innovative knowledge into practice. I do hope that my background and research aspirations will be of interest to the scholarship committee. I am determined to be a valuable contributor not only to the finance as a discipline, but also to the financial industry.

Your Name

We hope that our scholarship essay example about future goals and current accomplishments will be useful for your scholarship application.

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