Money Back Guarantee

We are working to provide you with the best affordable essay writing services online. We want to be sure that you are 100% satisfied with our services. So, welcome to and, please, consider our money back guarantee.

Our Money Back Guarantee policy was developed, so that every customer who comes to our service could request his or her money back for a valid, justifiable reason. We review each money back case individually. Please, read our policy to understand how our money back process works.

When you file a money back request, our custom essay writing company will have up to 7 business days to review your case. Please, remember that we may need more time to resolve the issue, if we experience communication difficulties with you. We kindly ask you to interact with our custom writing service as closely as you can, as we are considering your money back request.

Please, find the list of valid reasons to justify your money back request below.

1. "The payment was processed twice" – at times, our customers make a double payment, which is not their fault. If that is the case, our paper writing service will administer the refund as soon as possible.

2. "I have accidentally ordered two similar papers" – this one is identical to the situation, when the double payment is processed. Taking into account the accidental nature of such events, we will gladly assist you in solving your financial problems.

3. "You never managed to find a writer to work on my paper" – we at do everything possible to make sure that every customer has his or her order completed by a qualified writer on time. However, if your assignment is too complex for any writer, we will refund the money you have paid, providing you with a pleasant discount for any future order you decide to place with us.

4. "I did not receive the paper on time" – no refund is possible, if the deadline was missed, because you had not provided all information and filed needed for your assignment on time. We will recalculate the price of your order. Our research paper writing representatives will refund 10% of the cost of your paper, if your order had a 7-day deadline.

5. "I did not receive my revision on time" – we cannot recalculate the price of late revisions. If the writer did not revise your paper on time, you are free to file a claim. In this case, no further revisions will be possible, and you will be eligible for a maximum 15% refund.

6. "The quality of my paper is terrible" – we at work hard to make sure that each customer receives only the best services and academic work on time. You may be dissatisfied with your paper for a variety of reasons, but only some of them make a refund possible, including wrong file extension.

7. "I want to cancel the order" – if you decide to request a refund before a writer was assigned to your order, you will receive the full refund. Otherwise, the amount of refund you can receive will depend upon the amount of work the writer has already accomplished.

8. "I have my paper, but I still want my money back" – writing papers is never easy, but you can request a refund for your custom paper, only if you did not approve the finished order.

9. "My paper was plagiarized" – our papers are written from scratch. Each paper is checked via our plagiarism detection software. However, if you have a plagiarism report from, please, upload it for our attention, and we will review your paper or file a claim to resolve the issue.

10. "I have changed the type of my work, so I want a refund" – you can request a refund, only if the discussed change occurred before the writer started working on your paper. If the paper is already in progress, no refund will be possible. 

  • Professional Staff Qualifications

    Anyone who wishes to join the research, writing, or editing teams at must pass stringent background investigation. We verify degrees, experience, and require formal academic writing samples of pretenders to be our writers before contracting for the services of any staff. Those who wish to write for secondary students must possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in the content area. Those who wish to write for undergraduate students must possess a minimum of a Masters; and those who write for graduate students must possess a Ph.D., without exception. Writers are assigned to projects in their specific subject fields only.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    No matter what questions you have you can ask us. Our support team is available 24/7 without exceptions. We even suggest to use our online tracking system to follow the progress on your project and stay in touch with your writer anonymously. If you ever have a concern about your paper, you are welcome to pick up the phone or use on-line chat. Also you can send us email. Quality customer support does whatever it takes for your convenience.

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