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Opinion essay writing tips, useful phrases, and topic ideas

Opinion Essay writing is an adventurous venture if well explored. An opinion piece can be described as a piece that is focused on one’s single stand in a matter of discussion. Opinion essays can also be described as viewpoint based essays. Most opinion essay definitions state that the main idea of such essays is expressing one's views in a chosen topic. Today I am going to discuss how to write an opinion essay right from the opinion essay introduction to the opinion essay conclusion.

Before writing an opinion essay, one needs to plan the essay through identifying easy opinion essay topics and ideas if the subject is not provided. Once the topic has been determined, it is necessary to do some research on the subject.

The study offers one idea on how to start an opinion essay. Having researched the topic of discussion, one can choose to agree or disagree with the subject. The ideas which one has planned should, therefore, be presented in an opinion essay structure.

An opinion essay should have a general format. In a good opinion essay format, one has to present the ideas for opinion essay logically so that he or she can be easily understood. The opinion essay introduction should present the thesis of the essay and reasons. This gives the reader some food for thought and helps to identify the writer's point of view.

There are opinion essay phrases which should appear right in the introduction to indicate that the ideas in the essay belong solely to the writer. Another part of the format of the essay is body paragraphs. One should know how to start an opinion essay paragraph in order to make it more appealing and presentable.

For instance, one should express the first viewpoint about the topic of discussion in the topic sentence, then offer reasons and examples in the following sentences of the paragraph. Opinion essay sentence starters such as “It seems to me that….”, “In my Opinion…” and “I believe that…” should be used extensively.

The second paragraph of the body should also follow the same suit. However, the final paragraph of the body, just before one concludes an essay, should present an opposing viewpoint on the topic, then reasons and examples which support that particular viewpoint.

The final paragraph should offer an opinion essay conclusion. In the conclusion paragraph, one should not introduce new ideas that have not been discussed in the essay and focus on the minor points. Instead, one should put more emphasis on the key points discussed. To make your opinion essay more interesting, one can end it provocatively through, for example, asking a rhetorical question.

Other opinion essay tips include using the correct tense. In opinion essay writing, one should ensure that they use the present tense. When choosing an opinion essay topic, if it is not provided, it is good to choose the topic on controversial issues as it ignites interest in the reader.

For Example: Abortion should be legalized

Abortion is a controversial topic in the society today. Legalization of abortion has led to heated debates all over the world. Therefore, opinion essay based topic of abortion ignites interest in any reader who comes across such an opinion piece.

If you want to know how to give your opinion in an essay, make sure to provide insight and understanding through using clear viewpoints, reasons, and examples.

For example: In my opinion, abortion should not be legalized (viewpoint)

This is because legalizing abortion will mean killing is legal and therefore will encourage many people to do it even when it is not necessary (reason).

Opinion essay prompts and linking words should be frequently used while writing an opinion essay, for example when listing viewpoints. This can be done by expressing ideas in order.

For example, use firstly, in the first place, then, secondly, and finally to express your ideas on the topic.

When adding more points, words such as moreover and furthermore can be used. When giving examples in writing an opinion essay, words such as for instance and for example can be written. When expressing the cause of a particular opinion, examples of words which can be used include because, therefore. In an opinion essay conclusion, phrases like in conclusion, in summary, can be employed.

The other main opinion essay tips which should be put into consideration is being straight to the point. Opinion essays are objective right from the opinion essay introduction. Unlike other essays, the standpoint should be identified right from the first sentences of the essay. Despite providing facts, it is necessary to make an opinion essay interesting in order to capture the attention of the readers.

Readers may not remember dry facts but will keep the interesting details of the opinion piece. This does not mean that facts are less important. However, the details expounding the facts should be interesting. Making an opinion personal will help you in convincing the reader why your opinion matters despite the fact that the topic you are discussing does not concern them in any way.

For Example: “Legalizing abortion will mean that murder is acceptable in the society. Because of this, there won’t be any reasons for convicting murderers since they will be a good as those who perpetrate abortion…”

When writing opinion essays, it is also important to acknowledge those whose point of view is different from your own. This is done in the final body paragraph. From different opinion essay examples, you will note that this is significant as it presents your opinion as more appealing and respectable. Here's an opinion paragraph sample acknowledging the opposing view:

To be sure, those seeking to legalize abortion are correct to assume that it is a good move to save lives of mothers. Many pregnant women die of conditions which can be solved even by other treatment measures. Thinking that legalizing abortion will address this problem is a misguided notion. Have these people considered how many lives will be lost if abortion is legalized?

The paragraph begins by acknowledging the idea of legalizing abortion. However, the writer admits that taking such a step would bring more negatives rather than positives. By doing so, you make your opinion more appealing while acknowledging some truth in those who support the move, at the same time being respectful.

After writing an opinion essay, proofreading is also necessary to make sure the content is in line with the topic. Proofreading also helps to ensure that the opinion essay structure is excellent, with good ideas for opinion essay. It also ensures that the right grammar is used all throughout the essay. Make sure that the first person is used since you are giving a personal opinion on the matter.

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