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Persuasive essay example for college: Should Puerto Rico become a state?

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The question of how to write a persuasive essay is one of the top searches by high school and college students. Persuasive essays are difficult for the majority of students because they require allocation great deal of time, persistence and knowledge. One has to state his arguments clearly and provide relevant examples and explanations. What is more, a student cannot write his thoughts in a way he likes. Persuasive essay should follow a certain structural format. The good example of persuasive essay will show the standard approach to writing and will put light on the students’ struggles. An inquisitive student should pay attention to such parts of the paper as persuasive essay introduction example, persuasive essay conclusion example, persuasive essay thesis statement example and the example of the body part. Our persuasive essay example (college level) is a perfect tutorial for a student.

Persuasive essay example (college level): Should Puerto Rico become a state?

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the northeast Caribbean Sea. In 1898, the United States appropriated Puerto Rico together with most former Spanish colonies under the terms of the Treaty of Paris. Puerto Ricans are born as American citizens, they use American dollar as their currency, but do not have vote in Congress and are not the US state. The question of becoming the part of the US has been widely discussed among officials at various levels. Some people argue that Puerto Rico should become the US state while others have the opposite opinion. This paper suggests that Puerto Rico should not become a state because it is culturally different, economically undeveloped and lacks will to become a state.

The first argument that supports the idea that Puerto Rico should not be admitted as the US 51st state is that these islands have distinct culture, own traditions, cuisine, holidays and lifestyle. The lifestyle and culture of Puerto Ricans is just an opposite to the capitalistic culture of the US. Most Puerto Ricans speak Spanish and Spanish is a dominant language of the state. Only 10 percent of Puerto Ricans use English in their daily life. If the Puerto Rico becomes a state, islands will lose their cultural identity, and Spanish and African roots will fade away.

The second issue why Puerto Rico should not become the US state is the level of economic development and drug addicts. Although the World Bank classifies Puerto Rico as high income economy and they are successfully competing with other Latin economies, Puerto Rico has huge governmental debt of more than US 72 million. Even with this huge debt the country did not manage to become self-sufficient and effective. Over 41 percent of citizens live below the poverty level. Moreover, Puerto Rico has extremely high level of unemployment which equals to 15 percent. In addition, Puerto Rico has a high firearm homicide rate that is associated with drug addicts. Thus, the heavy debt load, high unemployment and drug usage may worsen the economy of the US.

The third issue is the relation of Puerto Ricans to a problem. Most citizens of Puerto Rico are satisfied with the present conditions and do not have any will to become a state. In fact, most Puerto Ricans are not interested in becoming a state. There is no a majority among Puerto Ricans willing to become the US state. Only 46 percent of the citizens wish to become a state, while another 46 percent are satisfied with the current status and 8 percent seek independence. Moreover, they do not have any patriotic feelings for the USA and do not share American idols, ideas of independence and democracy.

To conclude, it is essential to reaffirm that Puerto Rico should not become the US state for several reasons. They have distinct culture that will be dismissed when fully acquired by the US. The majority of Puerto Ricans do not support the idea of becoming a state. What is more, Puerto Rico has high debt and unemployment, which will have the negative impact on the US economy. The US has already granted many advantages to Puerto Rico, however the possible joining as a state might affect both the US and Puerto Rico.

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