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  • Professional Staff Qualifications

    Anyone who wishes to join the research, writing, or editing teams at must pass stringent background investigation. We verify degrees, experience, and require formal academic writing samples of pretenders to be our writers before contracting for the services of any staff. Those who wish to write for secondary students must possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in the content area. Those who wish to write for undergraduate students must possess a minimum of a Masters; and those who write for graduate students must possess a Ph.D., without exception. Writers are assigned to projects in their specific subject fields only.

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    No matter what questions you have you can ask us. Our support team is available 24/7 without exceptions. We even suggest to use our online tracking system to follow the progress on your project and stay in touch with your writer anonymously. If you ever have a concern about your paper, you are welcome to pick up the phone or use on-line chat. Also you can send us email. Quality customer support does whatever it takes for your convenience.

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